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the Rec Room store is currently closed.
thank you for your support on this journey.

Ladies outline

you remember the Rec Room.
the spot at your friend’s house
where all the fun happened.

you made yourself comfortable.
you felt happy, free and understood,
spending time with the people
who mattered.

we built Rec Room because we believe that when you’re feeling comfortable and confident, you are your best self. comfort allows us to take risks, and be a little wacky with the people who know us best.

we’ve taken everything you love about your
activewear—super comfortable four-way-stretch fabrics, plus antimicrobial & wrinkle resistance properties—and transformed it into styles for the rest of your life.

Rec Room is as comfortable as we are around our friends.

we are dre & val, the friends & founders behind Rec Room.

true story: five years ago, val was at a friend’s for dinner when she choked on a walnut. everyone panicked except dre, who immediately jumped into action, climbing over the table and performing the heimlich on her future co-founder.

so when we say Rec Room was founded on a special kind of bond, we mean it.

we met in business school, traipsing around a foreign city on a hot day in our leggings. we bonded over the desire for comfortable, versatile, flexible clothes that were as easy as our leggings but didn’t leave us feeling awkward and underdressed.

we’ve been through a lot on this crazy journey, including having babies back-to-back in the past year. yikes. but we wouldn’t change it for anything.

if you want to connect with us, or hear more zany stories, contact us anytime at 781-205-9235 (seriously).