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Carbon Offsets


what is carbon offsetting? 

carbon offsetting supports efforts or activities (including tree planting & renewable energy projects) that reduce human-caused carbon dioxide emissions (produced when you take a long drive or eat a burger from the grill)— a primary cause of global warming.


>why offset your carbon footprint?

it's easy to overlook, but taken together, even the smallest of our daily activities—including our favorite guilty pleasures like the daily coffee run, weekly ice cream fix, or monthly streaming subscription—have an impact on the planet.  through offset purchases, you are accountable for the emissions you produce and more mindful of that impact. as a bonus, many offset projects provide wider benefits including encouraging biodiversity & creating jobs.


how it works: 2 initiatives to give back  

we have two initiatives to offset our collective carbon footprint. first, we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet—a global movement inspiring businesses to support environmental solutions—with a pledge to donate 1% of every purchase to carbon offset projects via reforestation.

second, we’re offering our customers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets directly through our website, so you can actively balance out your daily carbon footprint. simply select the amount you’d like to buy & 100% of that purchase will go to Cool Effect, a global non-profit platform to reduce carbon pollution.




>where your money goes

 by purchasing carbon offsets directly from our site, you're donating to the Tri City Forest Project with Cool Effect. all of Cool Effect's projects are thoroughly vetted and scientifically validated. 100% of your purchase goes to CE, & more than 90% of each dollar donated goes directly to projects, with the remainder covering credit card charges, research, and small fees.  

and, when you make any purchase from us, 1% of that purchase is automatically donated to One Tree Planted, via our partnership with 1% for the planet. One Tree Planted—a 501c3 non-profit based in Vermont—is focused on reforestation and has a simple goal: for every one dollar donated, one tree is planted.