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what you need to know about our COVID-19 pre-sale

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**UPDATE: our factory re-opened in early June and production is underway on the pre-order items. we expect items to ship in early August**


i know good things are worth the wait, but what's the pre-sale about? 

like so many other small businesses, we've seen the impact of COVID-19 on our operations. when the novel coronavirus became widespread, our northern california factory was temporarily closed, halting a production run of new Rec Room products we are excited to launch. while we are disappointed with the delay, we support the safer-at-home guidelines, and have implemented them as a company, along with other measures to help flatten the curve & support public health.

but, after hearing from so many of you that you're craving new Rec Room product as much as we are, we decided to do something we don't usually do, and offer pre-orders on the new Rec Room styles we'd otherwise be launching right now were it not for COVID-19. 

the benefit of pre-ordering product? You'll get the item in the first production run (we expect the pre-sale items to sell out). and you get the warm and fuzzies for helping to support Rec Room during this challenging time, while also allowing us to give our factory a guaranteed order, helping them recover more quickly, too.

how does it work?

each week, we'll launch 1 brand new item. if you're on our email list, you'll get first dibs + additional discount, and the following day we'll release the launch to the public. those who purchase first will have access to the biggest discount on the original price, which diminishes as we get closer to production date. you will pay & execute your order as you usually do on (payment is due at the time of purchase, and you will receive a shipping notification once the order is on its way to you)  

as soon as our factory re-opens (when safer-at-home is relaxed for northern california), we'll resume the production on the pre-sale items. we expect 4-6 weeks for production, so you will get your apparel shortly after that. if production is speedier, you'll get your items faster as well, but it's likely if our factory re-opens in early may, you will get your items in late june. 

we promise to keep you regularly updated on the status of the factory re-opening and production timelines. 

when will i get my items?

we estimate the pre-sale items will be available 4-6 weeks after our factory can safely re-open & resume production. that means if the factory re-opens in early may, you would likely get your items in late june. however, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, so we cannot guarantee this timeline. good things are worth the wait, and we promise your Rec Room is worth it. as soon as the items are ready from the factory, we'll get them shipped out to you asap! 

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wait, why don't i see the usual models & photos of all sizes?

desperate times call for desperate measures... hence why our co-founders, val & dre, are the models for this pre-sale :)  but in all seriousness, we didn't feel it was safe to bring together our usual team for a photoshoot, and so we won't have the full size run photographed until shelter-in-place restrictions lift in Los Angeles. If you have questions about fit, please email us at, and we can provide fit guidance. 

anything else i should know?

yes! if you're on our email list, you're the first to know about new product drops, and you get access to a rare discount. plus we share other great content, like 36 hour travel guides and access to great stuff with partner brands, so sign up, & be a friend by telling a friend!

what do i do if i have more questions?

first, check out our FAQs page, as our policies about returns, exchanges, and pre-order items are there. if you still don't see what you're looking for or just want to share some thoughts, email us at or text us at 720-507-9180—we love hearing from you!

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xo, val & dre


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